The Isle of Pines

The Isle of Pines - New Caledonia

At twenty-minute flight south of Noumea, this island concentrates all the beauties of the Pacific. Beginning with a relaxed way of life, the smile on the local’s faces and their talent to never rush the time. « A quoi bon le compter, il ne s’arrêtera jamais » - ("Why measure the time, it will never end"), they seem to try to help us understand.

A natural jewel...

The Isle of Pines

Untouched and breathtaking nature exposes deserted beaches, lined with small trails shaded by banyan trees and columnar pines.

Dominated by the peak Nga (262 meters altitude), Ile des Pins emerges from the lagoon, listed among the World Heritage Sites by Unesco, whose waters are of a blue that almost hurts the eyes. The natural pool of baie d’Oro (the Oro Bay) is unquestionably the best illustration of this beauty.