They filmed in New Caledonia

The mission of the Office for Home Filming in the Southern Province of New Caledonia is to allow French and foreign productions (feature films, short films, TV shows, commercials, documentaries ...) to complete their film projects on the entire territory and islands of New Caledonia. Check out some examples here.



After Microcosmos, Himalaya and Le peuple migrateur (Winged Migration), the director and French producer Jacques Perrin explores the underwater world in his new Opus1 film Oceans.

“ New Caledonia is truly one of the most beautiful sites. It was unlikely to rule out this place. ”

Four years of filming in over 50 locations including New Caledonia. For a month and a half, twenty-two divers, technicians and operators have filmed in New Caledonian waters carrying more than ten tons of material, constituting the largest group in action of the six groups working in the rest of the world. ... Read more