Boys Over Flowers

Boys Over Flowers

This project is both important and a change of scenery and started with the help of the Office of Home Filming of New Caledonia Tourism  South Point, which knew how to attract one of the most popular programs at that time in Korea.

10 million Korean viewers followed the emotions of their heroin in New Caledonia.

In its original version, "Boys over Flowers" is a successful Japanese manga that has already inspired a Japanese television "drama" just as popular. The Korean version is also designed for Japan, boasting of an average of 10 million viewers per episode.

The Korean film crew, consisting of 56 engineers had to produce an episode of 70 minutes in 6 days! The connoisseurs will judge.

Four local technicians and two young aspiring actresses (or budding actresses) have completed the team.

The synopsis is simple: the heroine, played by the famous Koo Hye Sun, from a very modest background, fits with difficulty into a university for the Korean elite. Her courage and tenacity allows her to be accepted by a group of young boys from good families who will take a trip to New Caledonia. In this paradise island conducive to romance, the episode will end with a love story. 10 million Korean viewers followed closely the emotions of their heroin in New Caledonia.