Pratical information

Pratical information - New Caledonia

Here you have all the information needed in order to know how to plan your trip to New Caledonia.

When is the best time to visit New Caledonia?

When is the best time to visit New Caledonia?

The Caledonian climate is pleasant throughout the year, with the most popular time to visit being the australian winter, between April and November.

Bring mostly light clothing, but also a windbreaker and a sweater for cooler evenings.

How do I get to New Caledonia?

How do I get to New Caledonia?

Qantas and Aircalin codeshare flights to New Caledonia from Australia.

Tontouta International Airport is located 45 minutes drive from Noumea.

New Caledonia is located less than 3 hours of flight from Auckland and Sydney.


Climat - New Caledonia

New Caledonia has a tropical climate and the weather is spring-like year round. Average temperatures are between 15 ° and 32 ° C depending on the season. The australian winter from April to November is the ideal time for a stay on the Caillou.

Time Difference

Time Difference
France : + 10 hours in winter
+ 9 hours in summer
Australia: + 1 hours in australian winter
New Zealand: + 1 hours in austral winter
+ 2 hours in summer
Japan: + 2 hours
Korea: + 2 hours


Language - New Caledonia

The official language is French, but about thirty Melanesian dialects are also spoken throughout the country.

Passport and Visa

Passport and Visa

A valid passport is required to travel to New Caledonia.

The following countries are exempt from visa for a stay in New Caledonia that does not exceed three months: Andorra, Argentina, Austria, Australia, Belgium, Bermuda, Brunei, Canada, Chile, Croatia, Denmark, Finland, Great Britain, Greece, Ireland, Iceland, Italy, Japan, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Malaysia, Mexico, Netherlands, New Zealand, Netherlands, Portugal, San Marino, South Korea, Holy See (Vatican), Sweden, Switzerland, Uruguay, USA.

Beyond three-months in the territory, no extension of stay can be granted.

EU Nationals do not need a visa for New Caledonia.

No extension can be granted beyond three-months.



The currency of New Caledonia is the CFP Franc (French Pacific Franc); after being pegged to the French Franc for 50 years, the rate is now pegged to the Euro at a fixed equivalent parity.
1,000 F.CFP to 8.38 Euros.
1 Euro 119.33 FCFP

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Important information for foreign travellers :

From January 20th 2014, the New Caledonia changes its banknotes. If you travel in New Caledonia between 20 January 2014 and 30 September 2014, you may still receive banknotes from the old series (shown here).

From the September 30th 2014 you should not accept banknotes from the old series. Make sure you have used up all old-series banknotes in your possession by this date.

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No vaccinations are required to travel to New Caledonia. Once there, however, it is strongly recommended to protect yourself against mosquitoes.